Dreams and Ideas..


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So many dreams and ideas of what to use a vegan community café for… only first we have to settle on a name… and hire a bunch of professional construction workers to do stuff we believe we can’t do ourself, then we can get started on shaping this place up.10003048_10206705138085556_2061953853_n

The name part proved pretty easy, we had two great suggestions, the first was “Samovar” but our people from Russia thought this sounded to mossy and passive (even though westerners think it sounds exotic and Georgians have this great story, retold with enthusiasm by Mika, about the famous painter Piroshmani’s vision of getting together, building a house, getting a big samovar, sit abound this and discuss art! ). Oleg suggested “Kiwi” and we were all delighted since we immediate  realized that Kiwi is both a fruit and a bird!


The construction workers hiring proved much more challenging. Many days went by… some days members of our teem were waiting for workers who we had been told would show up super early in the morning. Eventually, on the 7th day after start up, a solid teem of three nice guys showed up and got some of the work we needed done, while simultaneously chain smoking and hanging out. Anyway, now we have water, slightly safer power outlets, a new door, a ceiling that is not threatening to fall down at any second and wallpaper that we acquired for free!



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