Conclusions about renovations!


Great news! We’re almost finished with renovations. It took longer than expected since we had to wait for ever (almost a week) for professional electricians and plumber to show up.

We have been working hard and sometimes efficiently:) for a week, and now we have re-painted all walls and discovered that we knew how to put up wallpaper even though we had never done it before, cleaned all ceilings and the bathroom, installed water heater and gas, and many more little things.

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An enormous thanks to all people who are working hard here, and to those who are donating money! Because of all of you we’re well on the way to opening. Next step is to get kitchen equipment and furniture. And how to get cheap transportation of all these stuff? If you read this and are here in Tbilisi and know anybody with a van who could help us by lending their van/large car please let us know!

Other great news is that many sources have told us that there’s no such thing as a liquor licence or sanitation code for restaurants here in Georgia. Clearly (in my mind) it would in general be preferred to have this, but in our situation it makes things easier. With this said I want to point out that we’re not going to sell hard liquor, just some organic beer and ginger beer, and organic Georgian wine. And we will for sure follow a strict sanitation code on our own, even if nobody will come here to check us.

Hope you all who read this will be able to come to our place after we open!

Thank you all!


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