The floor and the base boards


Base board is a word that I learned (as English is not my native language if anybody thought that:) a few years ago when I lived in Whistler BC. I was working as a hotel cleaner and part of the reason for why that job sucked was the endless cleaning of base boards. For those of you who meet this word for the first time here, it means the long thin planks/ plastic that are placed where the wall meet the floor, so that it looks nice… Anyway, now we have them! and we also have a semi shining new linoleum floor. We put it in ourselves of course, we had no experience but there is always detailed instructionsonline.. that we kind of didn’t follow. Anyway now it’s there just waiting to start coming of, like most other linoleum floors that we have seen in this place:)

11421604_999444103400629_1494407603_n 11420049_999444083400631_1850484977_n

Other progress:

Stove was found and bought – new but with a dent from transportation which resulted in a huge discount for us.

AC was bought and will be installed in like 15 min from now (I didn’t want this machine but have been convinced that it’s necessary in this climate).

Deep fryer for falafel and such has been bought. Coffee maker will be bought later today.

The previous tenant came and reclaimed her fan, outdoor sign, small useless water heater.. and all other gems that have been hanging around. Of main importance here is that Pepsi has not been here to reclaim their big drink fridge that they left here. We will not buy Pepsi drinks but we really want to keep this fridge. The potential solution to this problem is to hide the fridge in the kitchen so that the Pepsi people can’t see it. If you are here you would agree that this makes sense;)

Hope to see you in the Kiwi soon!


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