Today’s menu!


Welcome to Kiwi tonight. We’re open every day from noon – 11 pm (or last customer)

-Moroccan tangine with chick peas served with bulgur
-Falafel -wrap or on plate with tabbouleh
-Pasta with tomato and lentil sauce
-Sandwich on rye bread with eggplant and veggies
-Raw salad with lentil sprouts

To drink: home made mint lemonade, smoothies, beer, wine, coffee, tea, juice and mineral water.

We’re still figuring out how to run the Kiwi smoothly and efficiently and have not really had time to plan any events yet. But this will come soon. If you are interested in arranging any kind of meetings, information about community projects, short classes in something you’re good at, language clubs or so please feel welcome to contact us for doing this at our place, free of charge, no need for participants to buy anything if they don’t want to:) our place is a open community café.

Thank you / Hope to see you all soon

Kiwi Cafe crew


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