Film night on Sunday!


This Sunday at 21.00 we attempt our first film night at our newborn Kiwi Café. The vegan life style includes not only strict dietary restrictions and strict moral guidelines sprung out of bad conscience from how we people treat other animals and our environment, but also fun! Therefore we will show the Danish black comedy “The Green Butchers” from 2003. It touches on many interesting subjects, and one of them is the absurdity of producing and eating meat. For more info on this, in my opinion, brilliant film check out IMDB.


We will show this movie free of charge, we also do not require of you to buy anything at the café, if you don’t want to, though I do think this film is best enjoyed with a beer or a tea or maybe some vegan food:)

The film will be shown in its original language as I don’t believe in the art of dubbing movies. I have not been able to find neither Georgian or Russian subs so there will be English subtitles only this time. In the future we will do our best to show films in languages that are understood by as many of our potential visitors as possible.

If you have a good suggestion for an interesting and enjoyable film for us to show please feel free to contact us about arranging a film night

All are welcome!

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