Pictures from our grand opening event!

Pictures from our grand opening event!

Our free-food-and-fun-for-all Grand Opening Event took place on the 4th of July. Now not only Americans have cause for celebration on this fine summer date, but this will go to history as the day when Kiwi Café in Tbilisi officially opened to a great start. We’re now posting, upon request, some photos of this our first of many events.     11402991_378597315672388_1998920818950982665_n 11403035_378597379005715_3211355535025736735_n 11403203_378597319005721_2043886017211435969_n 11666235_378597469005706_5228933060566963587_n 11692548_378597352339051_7952246433084457264_n 11692663_378597669005686_6135191024435633293_n 11693814_378597399005713_4098298849867758075_n 11695797_378597599005693_1611801301501484380_n 11707600_378597595672360_7976281770747775824_n11059320_378597322339054_1656362496627564387_n10433951_378597645672355_8534655397225182857_n 10997017_378597375672382_6950142933133454002_n 11009887_378597485672371_5691238820204788196_n

The neighbours were surprised see, and hopefully not too much disturbed by such an unusually big crowd of people on their otherwise fairly quiet street in Old Tbilisi. The report I got the morning after from our land lady was that some people were hanging out to very late after we closed and can you believe, they left one wine glass and one other glass on the side walk:)

Hope to see you soon at the Kiwi (bird and fruit!)


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