A constant party at Kiwi Café


All you all, just so you know, we’re always in party mood at the Kiwi, now even the Kaiser guy has made an effort and dressed up a bit! We are trying to avoid all things commercial.. but to be honest because of the prices for fridges we have caved and invited both Pepsi and the Kaiser beer guy to our facilities, and so far they have only caused minor troubles. actually only Pepsi.. this fridge we’re keeping in our kitchen for food and stuff, but we don’t sell Pepsi drinks, the fridge was left in our place by the previous tenants. Like a week after we moved in a guy came by, he was from Pepsi, he asked if we were going to open soon and if we wanted to order Pepsi. To be able to keep the free fridge we kind of gave a very vague maybe. Then we didn’t see him again until the day before we were about to open, 31st June, by then we had hidden the fridge in the new kitchen. We pretended we didn’t know what he was talking about when he started to ask about the fridge. He quickly saw through our lie, and then when we admitted that we didn’t actually plan on ordering any Pepsi he threatened with taking away the fridge the day after. So we went to buy a new used fridge out in a used stuff shopping mall in the suburbs.

We never saw the Pepsi guy or any of his allies again.. the fridge is still in our kitchen, it’s working fine.

Anyway the pepsi is just for practical reasons. But the Kaiser is just for FUN


See you at the constant party!


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