Fun things happening at Kiwi this week!


Okay all interested, once again sorry for not writing very frequently, it’s because I’m not a blogger or a blogg follower..

We have had a good last week, a lot of work every day, still some of us managed to squeeze in a mini-vacation to Batumi (1,5 days(Helen, Mike, Soroush and Oleg)) and some managed so squeeze in Food Not Bombs (Sergey, Mariam and Jura) with a very big pot of potato soup… some might say too big!

The calm weekend ended with an somewhat unexpected mega dinner at Sunday 20.30 that left no time to set up the equipment for the scheduled film showing at 21.00. Still we managed to get it started approximately 21.25. which I believe is okay, not only according to Georgian punctuality, but it would also pas in Sweden, but maybe not Germany or Japan? We showed the HBO documentary “Dangerous acts starring the unstable elements of Belarus” we squeezed in a full audience. The film was interesting, hopeful and depressing at the same time.

Enough about the past, I always live in the future, many people say it’s better to live in the now… but I’m not convinced. This week we look forward to:

Tuesday 28/7 20.00: Concert with Klepsidra, a band from St. Petersburg. They will treat us to ethnic Serbian, Bulgarian and Turkish music. We are promised it will be dance friendly. All are welcome free of charge, the band gratefully accept donations if you like their music.


Wednesday 29/7 20.00: Scandinavian language club. We meet and practice talking in any of the Scandinavian languages. All levels are welcome, but we try to avoid any English or Georgian.

Sunday 2/8 21.00: Film night. We invite you, free of charge to watch a film together. We have not decided on which one yet, the two options we’re thinking about are the two documentaries “Forks over Knifes” about the advantages of eating a plant based diet or “Chechnya: War Without Trace” A film about Chechnya’s transformation and terror that exists behind it’s gleaming facade. We will post on our facebook as soon as we have decided.

Anyway you are welcome and you are also welcome to suggest films to watch, and also other event’s you want to host at our place:)

Hope to see you soon, you are welcome for some vegan food or drinks any time between noon and 23.00 all days of the week at Kiwi Café.


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