Hot times in Tbilisi


The summer weather is finally living up to what was promised by my local friends – super uncomfortably hot. But with the help of modern technology – AC – we can hide from this inside the café. I did not fully support the idea of buying and installing the AC during the renovation of Kiwi, before we opened. Now I’m kind of happy that we have it.. but still I want to believe it would have been possible to survive without it.

We have less guests now then a week ago and before, I hope it’s the heat and not that people have given up on us. We are now working on sorting out some things that have been left a side somewhat during the first weeks when we had to much practical work to attend to all details. Some of the things are: finding a producer and distributor of organic produce. We have been talking to Jammy Green -Organic Vegetables. They grow vegetables and run a small shop – Sunflower Market, behind Mac Donald’s by Rustaveli Metro. It seems like a promising option for getting hold of some good produce.

Also we have been in contact many times with an organization or enterprise who do recycling of glass, plastic and paper here in Tbilisi. As this is something that is not organized by the municipality. As it is now we’re trying to recycle – but the recyclables have not reached further than to our basement where they are just waiting for us to take the next step. It is also very easy for us to sort out our food waist to use for compost but we have no garden and are very interested in giving this precious material away to anybody who want to use it. All the backsides of living a big city life.’s service is free of charge, they come and pick up recyclables but you have to buy big plastic bins, they cost a lot of money, 120 Lari each, and the problem is.. that I have a hard time solving is if we should pay for this or to pay some money to the people who work more than full time here at the café. The other option would be for us to try do transport our glass (it’s mainly glass) to the places where you can hand it in and get a few tetri back.

We’re also looking for a local juice producer who can provide preferably organic, but at least juice with no sugar added… As it is now we order juice… or what I thought was juice, but has turned out… when I read the labels  not to be juice but sugary drinks with fruit from Kula, in Gory. We’re quite disappointed with their service as they not only add sugar to all their drinks, but also do not ever send the drinks we order, but only like half of our orders at any time, since they don’t have almost any of the drinks they claim to have… We were fooled buy their nice looking little glass bottles I must admit:)

Many people ask for fresh juice, and the dream would be to find a distributor of fresh bottled juice. The option would be to buy a juicer and make juice our selves, but It’s quite expensive and from my experience it’s a lot of hard work cleaning juicers.. but I guess it’s worth looking in to.

We’re looking for stuff like tofu, high gluten content flour to make seitan from, and also things like affordable nuts and seeds as these things seems so expensive here… It is a mystery to me how nuts and seeds can be even more expensive here, where all these things are produced,  than in Sweden where we do not produce almost any nuts and seeds because of the climate. Strange, if anybody reads this and know why it’s like this please let me know.

These are things that occupy my mind, and also vague dreams about Svaneti, Tucheti, Kamchatka and other cool places where I have not been.


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