Tbilisi, Georgia (Sakartvelo) is a wonderful place, but something is missing. That’s why we have decided to open Kiwi, a non-profit community vegan café. We invite people who care about the environment,  animals, social issues and healthy eating. Here we can meet, share ideas and find solutions and take action together. It also aims to become a social meeting place for different small civil society groups, working to raise awareness and to promote community activism.

We feel very passionate about these issues and need a good place to meet that will always be open and inviting to all guests who are curious about non-traditional food, and travellers who are looking for vegan alternatives, a new take on the famous Georgian hospitality. We know that we can raise awareness of alternative ways of eating and consuming, and inspire more people to take action and work for change.

You can find us at 41 Vertskhli Street, Tbilisi, Georgia, come by and help out with renovations, or just to check out how things are going. We’re not opened yet as we’re working hard on renovating the place… I guess as usual it is more work then originally anticipated, but will keep you updated on when it will happen.

Kiwi will strive to sell only food and drinks that are organic, fair trade and locally produced. We will recycle all waste, something that is far from common practice here at the moment.

Support us financially 

If you like the idea of this project you are very welcome to support us, we’re raising money through Indiegogo crowd funding

Your contribution to this project is crucial, as we need to raise sufficient funding to be able to pay rent and buy equipment and furniture for the start up of the café. We are, for ideological and economical reasons, planning on re-using second hand  furniture and equipment to as large extent as possible. Things are in general affordable here in the wild south east – a little money can get you really far.

When we’re open the cafe’s earnings will soon finance the rent and expenses of our social meeting place, and will (if all goes well) also be able to raise money for other projects like animal shelters, alternative culture festivals and anything needed and creative that falls in our wide field of vision.


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